24/7 Offshore Support

Let Clover Tool Europe take the strain with our BOP HPU Services. We can upgrade, maintain, advise, troubleshoot, re-design, test, verify compliance, document, draught and support all your needs on all brands of equipment, providing you with the complete support package.

With decades of experience, our team are here to help you whether it’s to upgrade in the shipyard or to minimise your downtime offshore. No matter what system you have we can always be relied upon to respond.

Onshore Support & Design

We are based in Aberdeen and have the facilities to design, develop, build, refurbish and test all type of equipment and tools from small riser seal removal tools to complete hydraulic power units.

We can design be-spoke equipment to the exact clients requirements and find that hard to get fitting to get you out of a fix.

Personnel Available

• Subsea Engineers and Superintendents
BOP and BOP Control Specialists
• Tubing / Instrument Technicians
Electrical Engineers
Project Engineers
3D Designer / Draughtsmen
Procurement Specialists

Services Provided

• Rig & BOP Equipment Surveys
• Accumulator Supply, Re-Certification and Installation
• Equipment Preservation and Maintenance Management
• Third Party Vendor Surveillance
• Equipment Condition Reports
• BOP Control System Troubleshooting
• Equipment & Component Supply
• Compliance Verification
• Test and Assembly
• Schematic Creation & Revisions
• System Design, Repair & Upgrade
• Maintenance, Advice & Monitoring

ISO 9001:2015

Supply and maintenance of BOP hydrostatic test units and bolt torqueing equipment. Upgrade, maintain, verify compliance, and engineering support of well control equipment, and supply of associated specialist personnel. The management of application engineering.

Torqueing Equipment

Clover Tool Europe are suppliers of TORC Equipment. TORC understands that the critical path in maintenance starts and ends with bolting. Their tools offer features to get you started on that path.
• Accuracy
• Reliability
• Outstanding weight-to-torque ratio
• Lower cost and reduced maintenance
• Anti-lock tools with no need for an anti-jam mechanism
• Internal ratchet to prevent significant roll back with each cycle, resulting in a faster tool

I really appreciate your response to this. We found ourselves in a bit of a bind here to which you were able to assist. Thank you for your attention on this, it has been well received.

Package was received on the rig and I managed to inspect it today. I am positively impressed by the quality of the deliveries. It is clear to me that it has been carefully and thoroughly prepared in a very professional manner. A pleasure to do business with you.

Just to let you know we recieved the two carts this morning and are extremely happy with the quality of them. Many thanks for your assistance.