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Let Clover Tool Europe take the strain with our BOP HPU Services. We can upgrade, maintain, advise, troubleshoot, re-design, test, verify compliance, document, draught and support all your needs on all brands of equipment, providing you with the complete support package. With decades of experience, our team are here to help you whether it’s to upgrade in the shipyard or to minimise your downtime offshore. No matter what system you have we can always be relied upon to respond.


Onshore Support and Design

We are based in Aberdeen and have the facilities to design, develop, build, refurbish and test all type of equipment and tools from small riser seal removal tools to complete hydraulic power units.

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Clover Tool Europe  are based in Aberdeen
and have the facilities to design, build and refurbish all type of equipment
from small test units to complete hydraulic power units. Clover Tool Europe
also supply and source all components and spare parts for all types and brands
of oil field equipment on and offshore. Our unbiased and optimum solutions are
supported by many years of extensive experience within the drilling and subsea

For over 30 years,  Clover
Tool Company
  based in Fulshear, Texas has raised the bar to new heights
with their full range of hydrostatic BOP testing, power fastening and bolting
tools. With unmatched service and a wide selection of heavy-duty testing and
fastening systems, Clover Tool Company serves the oil and gas, construction and
transport industries both offshore and onshore.

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