Clean Fluid = Reliability. No argument. It is as simple as that.

In our now six years of operating out of Aberdeen one of the most common tasks we perform is the repair and upgrade of systems and equipment that have failed due to contaminated fluids. But we don’t stop there, we assess the root causes of the damages and where possible improve on the systems, and continue to support our good customers with advice on appropriate protection, filtration, maintenance and corrective measures. Part of this service includes Fluid Analysis, something all good Subsea Engineer’s take for granted in their daily tasks and skillset, but with many rigs being idle for long periods and restarted we see more and more of these fluid contamination caused failures. Monitoring and identifying early warning signs of contamination can be the make or break of a system’s reliability.

We have developed our new Field Service Fluid Analysis Kits for easy-to-use routine fluid sample analysis offshore, based on our own system that we have here in our laboratory at Clover Tool Europe, and used daily for our sampling service to a number of customers both offshore and onshore. The kit was primarily developed for use with BOP fluids, but with the addition of a Digital water/oil Analyser and appropriately graded filter/sample slides it can be adapted to test and analyse most fluid types.

These kits afford you the versatility to professionally analyse and record water, glycol and mineral based fluids for particle contamination, water/oil contamination, PH & Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels, and Gylcol/alcohol concentration levels. Except for chemically breaking down the proprietary ingredients of blended fluids (like BOP fluids etc) these kits afford the rig technicians to be able to do all that the fluid manufacturers do in their analysis services and provide on-site early detection and monitoring of potential failures due to contaminated fluids. They’ve been available for a long time from the fluid and equipment manufacturers, but until now not all rigs could afford them, our aim with this kit is to make them affordable to every rig, base or workshop.

Added to these mobile kits, we also provide sale and hire of:

• Flushing & Pressure Testing Services and Equipment
• Portable and installed Filtration Equipment
• In-house Fluid Analysis Laboratory Service for routine and investigative fluid research
• Rental Fluid Analysis Kits & Particle Counters
• Spare Parts & Consumables for all types of analysis, filtration and pumping systems.

Contact us at any time to discuss your fluid requirements, if we don’t already have the solution for you, we will find it for you.