This Dual Choke Control Console is for sale. Please contact us for more information.

Stainless Steel Frame and Stainless Steel Face
Directional Control Valves, 4-Way, 3 Position
Pneumatic Filter/Regulator
Check Valves
Air Operated Hydraulic Pump
0-200 Psi Gauge
Needle Valve (Speed Adjust)
Hydraulic Reservoir, 6 Gallon
Position Indicator
Relief Valve
0-3,000 Psi Gauge
Hand Pump

100ft, ¼” Air Hoses (Position Indicator)
50ft, ¼” Hydraulic Hoses with Quick Disconnects
50ft Air Hose
Triple Pump Stroke Counter
Triple Pump Stroke Counter Cable, With 125ft Main Lead And 25ft Switch Leads
Pressure Regulator
0-10,000 Psi Analog Pressure Gauges
2” 1502 Male Transducer
50ft Pressure Sensor Hoses